Athanasius' Godhead – Worshiping the Son is Worshiping the Father

He who worships and honors the Son worships and honors the Father since the Godhead is one and therefore the

Church History

Arnobius of Sicca was a Feminist

When we speak of God, we use a masculine word, but let no thoughtless person accuse us of saying that

Church History

Hegemonius: No Disputations on New Revelations

It is an unknown author which we read to today, concerning the authority for Christian teaching: Those who set up

Church History

Arnobius of Sicca Could Care Less About Creationism

In reading Ancient Christian Doctrines, I came across a few of the lesser known early Church writers (perhaps only to


Fulgentius of Ruspe: Truth is One

I thought that as a way of demonstrating the value of the Ancient Christian Doctrine series, I would share some


Letter of Alexander of Alexandria to all Bishops

For all of those just joining us, I am, for myself, reading through the Arian documents of the 4th century


Letter of Eusebius of Nicomedia to Paulinus of Tyre

For those of you just joining us, I have discovered Fourth Century Christianity. It has more twists and turns, heros,


Some thoughts on Theological Precepts from the Author of the Shack

The following is a partial transcript of the interview on KAYP by Kendall Adams as he asks the author of