Melito of Sardis

Melito of Sardis – The Impassible Suffered

The whole creation saw clearly that for humanity’s sake the Judge was condemned, the Invisible was seen, the Unlimited was

Gregory of Nazianzus

Doctrinal Development and the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

While much of the first four centuries of Church History concern the deity of Christ, His relationship with the Father,

Fourth Century

4th Century Christianity: Marcellus’ Fight

Continuing our look at the 4th Century and doctrinal development.


Athanasius and Proper Contemplation of the Father and the Son

The Son is in the Father because his whole being is proper to the Father’s essence…so that whoever sees the


Fragments of a letter from Alexander of Alexandria to Sylvester of Rome

We are continuing our look at the Arian documents of the Fourth Century. For those of just joining us, this


Irenaeus and the only Son of Adam Who is God

Those who claim that Jesus was a man…have not yet been joined in the Word of God the Father. I


Letter of Alexander of Alexandria Sent to Melitius and All Bishops

As the debate intensified across the Empire, Alexander began to appeal to more for help in stemming the tide of


Letter from Alexander of Alexandria to his Clergy

The Fourth Century is the most interesting time in the development of Christian doctrines. For me, we can find heroes