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@MarginaliaROB – Syria under Assad: A Heritage in Peril

T. Michael Law is a visionary when it comes to what the scholarly community can do to change reception, perception,


This is why @MarginaliaROB will win over #RBL



David Lincicum on why he joined @MarginaliaROB

Like most early career academics, I feel acutely the various pressures of entering the guild: the need to conduct research


The Marginalia Review of Books is now Live – First Reviews Posted

Guess what? Start your morning off right, yes sirree… Aaron Rosen on Art and Belief, by Ruth Illman Mark Edwards


For Immediate Release to Bloggers and Publishers: The Marginalia Review

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Marginalia Review of Books Contact: Timothy Michael Law (Publisher and Editor-in-Chief) Phone: +49-151-504-70298 (Germany) Email:


If The Marginalia Review ever does this, I’m done…

This volume discusses problems related to the vocabulary of the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures. The background


Coming Soon – The Marginalia Review (29 Jan)

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