True Intertextuality – The Dark Knight Rises and the Tale of Two Cities

Gordon’s selection of this passage as Batman’s eulogy is quite apt. First of all, the lines in the book represent


Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Ironically, this movie stands against the fears of Rush Limbaugh in an almost laughable way. If you remember, Limbaugh started

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The Lights of Aurora

Everyone expected a night of fun, not a massacre. Smoke bombs went off. A gunman stalked victims in the aisles, killing

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The Gospel of Mark is The Dark Knight Rises of the New Testament

Oh? First, The Gospel of Mark is one bad m- hey now, watch your mouth… So is Batman. Mark has

Religion and Politics

Rush Limbaugh is baneful

Of course, if you think about it, this is the same level of conspiracy theory that suggests that the President’s