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#QOTD – The Bible as State Book

“It threatens to reduce our sacred scripture to nothing more than a secular symbol, and that’s a slippery slope,” Senate

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What’s next, Tennessee? A Rainbow star on the student’s arm?

Parents or legal guardians of students who receive such counseling shall be notified as soon as practicable that such counseling

Religion and Politics

The #GOP and Science – #Akin and Stacey Campfield

Now remember, this is the same state who believes hand-holding leads to pregnancy… Tennessee state Sen. Stacey Campfield (R) falsely

Religion and Politics

Tennessee just affirmed their belief in the theory of evolution

How? Spurred by a classroom demonstration involving a sex toy, Tennessee recently enacted a pro-abstinence sex education law that is

Religion and Politics

Be Thou…

Rop tú mo baile, a Choimdiu cride… Be thou my vision, Oh Lord of my heart… Of Lord of my

Religion and Politics

Is Herman Cain Right?

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Cain said he came out against the Tennessee mosque after talking to members of that