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Oh dear… now we know why John works with Simcha

because he can photoshop really well! and…. This is a rather silly attack and shows that the current meltdown at

Society and Religion

Why is it, if the Tomb does (doubtful) picture Jonah that it points to Christianity?

Prof. April DeConick concludes, With this find, we have some type of Jew in the first century for whom the

Society and Religion

Quote of the Day: Mark @Goodacre

“He’s seeing things that simply aren’t there,” Goodacre said. “His head is so full of ‘DaVinci Code.’” via ‘Jesus Tomb’

Society and Religion

The Canadians get Simcha right

An amateur archeologist claimed Tuesday to have identified what could be the remains of some of Christ’s disciples in a


Jodi Magness on what a real archaeologist is (Talpiyot Tomb)

Professor ]] takes aim at the “discovery:” As a professional archaeologist, it pains me to see archaeology hijacked in the

Society and Religion

Maybe Tabor and Simcha should have had a Greek editor

Regarding the reading of line two, I must  emphasize that I do not consider the reading “Yahweh” (i.e., the Greek

Society and Religion

$imcha’s di$covery of Je$u$

On the in which ]] and Simcha’s book is released, the Huffington Post has decided to run a story featuring