It's Sunday…again

Seems like this day comes at least once a week, you know what I mean?

I had a pretty good week…relaxed a great deal, read some, thought some, prayed some. I took the whole week off of work, and I only went to my office once.

Well, back to the old grindstone, eh?

This week, I will post on Sirach, perhaps Advent, and of course the Regulative Principle and how it kept Christmas from these shores for so long, and how it might reapply to the Church. I would like to continue to read Tertullian, as I am interested in getting into more of Tertullian’s view on the Godhead, as well as Irenaeus. I have a post that I am working on concerning the hands of God from Irenaeus and Theophilus of Antioch’s view. It is quite, well, economic.

We are nearly ready to leave for church…I am actually the readiest – which is near impossible because it is usually be dragging along. I spend more time getting ready than my entire family combined. (Which is unusual, I know, for the ‘man of the house’ – but it happens)

I want to thank YOU for that donation that you made (You know who you are.) I except nothing for myself or this blog, but I will for the Church and for different causes.

Speaking of causes, I will continue posting other cases of people in need in the Charleston, WV area. I live here and this is the community that I can affect for Christ. I encourage you to do the same, and again, if where you live, everyone is fine, then consider my community.

The Christmas season is my worst time of the year. I do not like it. I did not celebrate it nor celebrate it today as anything remotely religious. I do, however, see opportunities in this time of year to lift Christ in different ways (none of them relating to Christmas directly) as well as to shed the light of the gospel of Christ to those in need. Granted, this can be done and should be done daily throughout the year, but it is at this time of the year where people seemed to focused on perhaps something remotely religious. I do not decorate my house at all – inside or out. I buy gifts, sure, but those that know me, know that I do those things year around. Again, I see witnessing capabilities at this time of year that might not exist at other times of the year.

I don’t want to bring anyone down or anything, but we must have only Christ before us, yearly, daily, at every second. And while Christ has been with us for the past two thousand years, this tradition of Christmas has not, and has only been really celebrated for about a century and a half in the States. Let’s not sacrifice Christ for Christmas.

And for now, I will not mention my high view of Church.

I hope that you will join me in the prayer this holiday season, that those who have will be of service to those that are without – and further, that just as the holidays enjoin us to have this compassion, that we take this compassion with us daily, as Christ did, and would have, to our fellow person – who created in the image of God, has dignity, no matter the station of life, no matter the depravity, no matter what.

As each successive generation since Christ, we are indeed living in the last days, an it behooves us to redeem the time.

God bless you richly and warmly this morning.

Shhhhh – It's Sunday

It’s Sunday – and I am not going to Church. Neither is my family.

My son, we think, according to the doctor who thinks, has a double dose of the pink eye. (Public school) and is highly contagious. Don’t worry, I washed my hands before typing this email. You should be okay, but just in case, you might want to disinfect your PC screen.

Anyway, we are not going. We can still carry the stuff even if we do not have. We have mandated a series of handwashings, but I still do not want to bring it to Church.

This week is deer season in West Virginia. I am not a deer hunter – but my son shows signs of becoming one. I am a nervous nelly, you might say, and cannot live without my cell phone, internet, laptop, and tv. It’s a horribly disfiguring disease with violent withdraw pagns. But last year, on the first day of deer season I made my way out to Mason County, WV, climbed a bit down the hill side, and waited, in silance, for deer. IN two days, I saw about 5 or 6 deer, and shot at everyone. And killed none. I had one deer standing not more than 10 yards away from me. I shot three times without my gauged gun. He stood there, laughing, taunting at me. I took out my pistol and shot the clip. Again, he laughed and taunted me. But he finally ran. Good for me. He had better run.

But this year, I got me a 7mm mag rifle. They tell me that it has been known to kill two deer with one shot. Fine with me. I figure if I don’t kill them, maybe they will have a heart attack. Maybe.

So, I might be a little slow on posting this week. I am trying to become an outdoors person so that if my son decides that lifestyle, we can spend time together, and that I can encourage him in that pursuit.

I am going to prepare a few things, of course, and post them throughout the week – I hope. Otherwise, I’ll just post here and there.

Of course, just because I am not going to Church this morning, does not mean that you yourself cannot go.

Well, unless there is a hunting accident, I will see you tomorrow.

A good Saturday, a better Sunday

We are tired, my family and I. We were traveling the southern part of the State all day yesterday, which if you know anything about West Virginia, you realize that 200 miles can take you all day and then some. Of course we had a more specific purpose than site seeing; however, it was still beautiful to see the falling leaving, the different colors – God’s creation in cycle. You will never get me to believe that the natural beauty of this State has happened by chance or mutation.

And it got me to thinking about God’s unseen hand. First, let me say that I am nothing special – not some peg that holds the Plan together, not destined for something – but if I look back, I can see God’s unseen hand moving me, lifting me up, keeping me for where I am. I am sure it is the same for each of you, if you will look.

I can see some of the decisions that I made that have allowed me to be led here, and I thank God for that. I am right where I need to be – and want to be.

This week, I will post for a bit more on Tertullian. His words are biting, and his thoughts deep and sure at this point. I will, upon completion of ‘On Modesty’, move to his ‘Against Praxaes’ and see if I can save his soul!

Other wise, I still have topics to post on that I have been pondering lately. Also, I am preparing an open letter to Christians (air quote worthy or otherwise) concerning their conduct in smearing their neighbor with lies.

Today is my rest day. After this post, I will eat my grits (if you aren’t from the South, well you are missing out on a lot more than grits!) we will get ready and head off to church. We might be a bit late this morning, having slept in by 30 minutes.

I know that it will refresh my soul for my eyes will be on the Lord. I will hear the music, but sing to God. I will hear the minister, by listen to God. I will read the scriptures, but the Lord will reveal. I will offer prayer and pray for others. I will be an individual, but a member of the Church. It will not be I, us us.

Well, see you tomorrow.