Sunday School – An Appeal to Rome (Justin and Diognetus)

Following last week’s need to be hated by Rome (i.e., World System) we find Christians appealing to Rome for an


Quote of the Day: Sunday School Religion

The death of my only sister forced me to confront Sunday school religion and weigh it against a grown man’s


Review of @KregelAcademic’s Sunday School that Really Excels: Real Life Examples of Churches with Healthy Sunday Schools

As a member of a growing and Sunday School class — not the leader, as the leader is someone else

Christian Education

Continuing the discussion on Sunday School

This is really a great article: I Wonder If Sunday School Is Destroying Our Kids – Beliefs of the Heart.


Some…thoughts from @ThomRainer on Sunday School @kregelacademic

You can also get this book from Kregel, here. This is not a review, mind you, just some thoughts on

Christian Education

Are you finding intellectual enjoyment in the Church?

Because of reading several polls on why people are leaving the Church, I’ve maintained for a while part of the



So…been thinking… I don’t like inviting people to CHURCH. And no, Jesus never said go and invite people to CHURCH.

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My Weekend

Is it Monday already? Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, my friends, and the lack of discussion from