The Study Bible Wars: NLT 1, ESV 0

I wanted to highlight just a few things about the NLT Study Bible and the ESV Study Bible as a

Bible Translation

Bill Mounce: The pros and cons of a Study Bible

For me, I like the non-doctrinal Study Bibles, such as the NLT. I have two posts in mind about their


My Video Review of the New Living Translation Study Bible

When the NLT Study Bible first came out, I was assured that it was a worthless translation, given to the

Society and Religion

More on the Strand Study Bible

I was Twittered and Facebooked about the Strand Study Bible, so I emailed the pastor, got what I consider a

Society and Religion

Some Questions on the New Strand Study Bible

They have Twittered it, and Facebooked it – but I have a few questions.


In the Mail: Plethora Edition

Today, I have received my fair share of books to review:


Book Review – Orthodox Study Bible

Not being Orthodox myself (although maybe orthodox), I became interested in this translation for two reasons: It was a ‘new’