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Check out, @Steve_Runge’s “High Definition Commentary: James”

One of the worst things about text messages is that you never really get the sense of the person talking.

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Review of @Steve_Runge’s “High Definition Commentary: Romans” @academiclogos

There is at once among Protestants a supreme knowledge of Romans and yet a depth of ignorance. We read it

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Some thoughts of the Lexham High Definition New Testament @logosacademic

I can’t tell you why, yet, but I’ve suddenly become interested in highlighting the High Definition series from Logos. This


Hypothesis – Historical Present (Mark, John, Revelation)

I wanted to write this for first to start my thought process and second, perhaps, for discussion: Matthew        94/78 Mark  

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Looking inside @logos’s Greek New Testament Discourse Bundle

I’ve had this for a while and I am finding now the time the really dig in. Expect a review

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Runge. ’nuff said.

I have been slowly reading my way into the New Perspective on Paul (NPP) literature for the last few months

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@Steve_Runge should be flogged, flayed, and foot roasted @logos @academiclogos

I had the pleasure of having a meal with Steve Runge at SBL this past year (2012). He is a

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Speaking of Greek New Testament Discourse @logos

Do you see what I did there?  Anyway, the kind folks at Logos sent along a review copy of the