Thoughts on the NLT and בֶּן־אֱ֜נ֗וֹשׁ in Psalm 144.3

Over at the blog which must not be named, a discussion as sprung up about the translation of Psalm 144.3:


1st Enoch 46 – The Pre-Existent Son of Man

While examining pre-existence in the Psalms of Solomon, which is most likely an ‘ideal pre-existence’, I came across a reference


Review – Son of Man (Movie)

This is a powerful, modern-day, retelling of the Gospel story, most notably, Mark’s Gospel, or at least the critical version

Society and Religion

Smarter than the Passion of the Christ – The Son of Man

That’s how it is described, anyway. I am interested in how other cultures depict the narrative of Christ which helps