Church History

The Urantia Book and the Nature of Jesus

According to the Urantia Book, Jesus and the Spirit are one and the same. In a recent discussion with some,


Calvin on the Son of God

Divinity and humanity: Certainly those who imagine that the Son of God was exempt from human passions do not truly


Jesus: Man, Messiah, or More? (Or, what are you listening to Scholars?)

If you need scholars to tell you who Jesus Christ really was, then it will take a scholar to convince


The Mystery of Monotheism – Tom Roberts

This is an interesting magazine from an ‘Eastern’ point of view. I am posting this for discussion, perhaps, as we


Irenaeus on Apostolic Preaching

The original, like all of Irenaeus’ originals do not exist. This was found in 1904 in Armenian and is thus


From the Bible that is rarely read: Sirach 24:1-12

Wisdom shall praise herself, and shall glory in the midst of her people. In the congregation of the most High


Examining Michael Servetus – Pt1

In attempting to develop a full understanding of Modalistic Theology of the Godhead, I am constantly directed towards Michael Servetus.


Michael Servetus – On the Errors of the Trinity

The below was taken from here. I will beginning discussing this shortly. On the Errors of the Trinity Seven Books