A Catholic is Opinionated about me

However why no argument pro or con from Tradition? Well first the classic Protestant argument against supposed “man made” traditions

Church History

You cannot be A Protestant if you don’t Love the Church Fathers

Ben writes, To me, everyone from the Christian tradition was merely another interpreter of Scripture. Why would I waste my


Clearly teaches? Plain Sense?

Well, at least I feel like we have the author of Matthew’s Gospel on our side: There he made his


“Catholics abandon sola scriptura in favor of tradition”?

I think not. Catholics don’t abandon Sola Scriptura.  In order to abandon a doctrine, we would have needed to hold


Trending Polygamy and the final nail in Sola Scriptura’s coffin?

I’ve asked my wife about this, and frankly, this morning, I’m surprised I can still breathe, let a lone type.


Awesome Quote of the Morning – Trinity, Revelation, Mystery, Sola Scriptura

From here: You blur the lines by talking about “THE CHURCH” in equal status with the Bible. Sola Scriptura is


Are you having second thoughts on Sola Scriptura?

Image via Wikipedia Note, that there is a difference between solo scriptura and sola scriptura… but since we don’t like


John Chrysostom on believing the Scriptures

There comes a heathen and says, “I wish to become a Christian, but I know not whom to join: there