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The Dignity of Labor and the Rest of God (Repost)

Originally from here, WEBCommentary(tm) – The Dignity of Labor and the Rest of God. But, I think it has moved…

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Thoughts on Labor Day 2009 (repost 2012(

For those who believe that the Bible does not contain thoughts on social justice, has never read it. (Read Amos).

Religion and Politics

Letter from a Birmingham Jail – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

I believe that the man who gave a good fight for the cause of justice should be honored, so in

Society and Religion

Does Reading the Bible Give you an Open Mind?

Duh? The likelihood of Christians saying it is important to actively seek social and economic justice to be a good


Driscoll may get it right — but he sure got it wrong on Luke 16.

I recently heard a sermon by Mark Driscoll about heaven and earth. I think he is being reactionary against the

Religion and Politics

Christian Paradigms, Conservative and Liberal, but not Moderate

Christian conservatives feel besieged by the secular culture, liberal Christians want more social justice. Everyone knows that. What if there

Religion and Politics

Richard T. Hughes: Where are you at, Christian?

If you remember, a while ago I was able to review Hughes’ newest book and interview him. He has taken


Calvin: Knowing God

I ran across a mention of Calvin’s passage here and it struck a cord with me. The ‘he’ is King