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Lincoln, Homosexuality, Slavery, and Privilege. #umc #umcschism

Wesley Putnam, a steadfast stalwart against the middle — even denying it actually exists — recently wrote a post suggesting

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While you watch the refs return on Sunday… remember this

Around the world human traffickers trick many people into slavery by false promises of good jobs or good education, only

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It’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Sex trafficking is a rising concern among some… including the U.S. Government. Today is the day in which whomever has

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Slavery was Christian Charity

This is the view of J. Stevens Wilkins who wrote, “Slavery, as it operated in the pervasively Christian society which

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The Lutheran Church and the War Between the States

Since Joel has been talking about the war between the States, I thought I would post a paper I wrote

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Robert E. Lee on Slavery

Robert E. Lee letter dated December 27, 1856: I was much pleased the with President’s message. His views of the

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The Black Slave Owners in the United States

Have we ever really dealt with our history? I am almost willing to bet that as the country launches into

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Alexander H. Stephens – Cornerstone Speech

Delivered on  March 21, 1861 at Savannah, Georgia When perfect quiet is restored, I shall proceed. I cannot speak so