Bible Translation

Sin according to the New Living Translation

We are continuing our dissection of the NLT, in hopes that it will sway some open-minded KJVO’ers towards two things:


Sunday Thoughts 8/9

We were attacked by geese this morning. As most of you know, we are having a family devotional in the


Does God Still Love the Wayward Christian?

This post in response to a comment on another post. It is directed towards me as anyone, but I hope


Sunday Thoughts 8/2

Wow – it’s already into August. Is it me, or is this year flying by?


Time with Nehemiah – Subterfuge and Completion

Nehemiah was fresh off the conflict from within the City, now he had to face the conflict from without. As


Time with Nehemiah – Undoing God's Redemption

Really, if you think about it, most projects, church or otherwise, comes down to money. The same was true of


Time with Nehemiah – Reality Sets In

Nehemiah’s work was going well, the wall was built up half-way it’s needed height all around the city. The people


Time with Nehemiah – The Rebuilding

Nehemiah was ready to build, and did so in a divine rhythm. He started with the Sheep Gate, the place