Apparently the mayor is not the only one in Toronto smoking crack

Simcha is trying nail down another paid-for award, it seems. That’s right, the nails are back, but his analysis has

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@Goodacre Finds a Bride for God

Mark Goodacre writes – On Sunday, I posted some comments on Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson’s forthcoming book and documentary,


@goodacre on Jacobovici and Wilson’s “Lost Gospel”

I’d usually just retweet this, but you need to read this. NT Blog: Jacobovici and Wilson’s “Lost Gospel”. Why? Because

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Dr. Cargill on the Rhetoric of Simcha Jacobovici

He concludes, He states himself that he is not an academic. Perhaps we should stop expecting him to argue like

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McClellan on Jacobovici’s (rather immature) Rhetoric

Daniel concludes – Mr. Jacobovici is fabricating an ideological opponent and juxtaposing characterizations of our work to rhetorical jabs at


What can you buy with enough money?

Title$, position$… and the revi$ion of hi$tory. First, note this post… Hilarious. If you’ve followed the Simcha/Tabor fiasco, you’ll note

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Whoa… Sleeper Agents of Christianity Theology?

Someone is cracking…

Society and Religion


It has been shared in numerous venues, but Father Puech, a research giant in the Dead Sea Scrolls and latest