The Host and the Servant of the New Creation: A Homily

This is a sermon I preached on Maundy Thursday 2016, which Joel graciously let me share with you via his

Sermon Notes

Being an agent of hope in a pain filled world.

I recently preached a sermon titled “Being an agent of hope, in a pain filled world”  to the youth /


Sunday Sermon

I know a few folks clicked through last week from this site.  If you’re interested in hearing more from a

Religion and Politics

Sermon on Amos 5:6-7, 10-15

The recent passage of the toughest bill on immigration have me thinking…how are we, as Christians, to respond to this

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Sermon Notes 5/26 – Doctrine

Today, we read that many Protestants are converting to Catholic or Eastern Orthodox in droves and the reason that they

Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes – Easy Beliefism (4/27)

It took 300 years to fully develop the doctrine of the Trinity, some 1500 years to end the need for