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And Other Really Cool Crap Fundy Anti-Intellectuals Like To Say!   I could not help but notice one Spencer Sloane

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Dayton – Day 5 – Home, Finally

Image via Wikipedia I miss it already – not Ohio (which is Philistine for wilderness of sin) – but the

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Dayton – Day 4

Image via Wikipedia Ohio is Americun for ‘Please, I’ll never leave West Virginia again if I can just get back

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Dayton – Day 3

For those of you who do not know, Ohio is Hamite for ‘Oh my goodness, I want to go home’.

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Just an in-class, real time observation about United Theological Seminary

I am surrounded by men and women, black and white, young and not so young, Methodists, UCC’ers, SDA’s, veterans, conservatives

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Dayton – Day 2

Image via Wikipedia Had a real bad morning. First, let me say that United Theological Seminary is really a great

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Dayton – Day 1

For those of you who do not know, Ohio is Edomite for ‘rainy, soggy mess’. Seriously, look it up. Anyway,

Church Government

Thoughts from my first Church Admin class

Some of us are pretty bitter and cynical about clergy. I know that I am. I mean, honestly, for any