Ignatius of Antioch

Sounds of the Levitical Choir in Ignatius of Antioch’s Epistles to the Ephesians

I am preparing some notes on a future writing project and came across this. In Ignatius’ Letter to the Ephesians


Bare Your Arm of Salvation, A Traditional Hanukkah Song – Repost 2012

This is a long standing repost. I hope to visit it later to clean it up, etc… Sundown approaches, darkness


Hanukkah, biblically known as the Feast of Dedication – Repost 2012

Sun down this evening begins the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, or Chanukah for the Jewish among us. It is a


2nd Temple artifacts flushed

Have the Tourism Ministry and the Jerusalem municipality buried treasures from the Second Temple under a giant lavatory? That possibility


Quote of the Day and First Thoughts on Lincicum’s Work

After long years of reciting, praying, memorizing, debating, teaching, and ordering his life in conformity with its precepts, Paul the


Psalms of Solomon, Psalm 3 – Analysis

Psalm 3 – A Psalm. Pertaining to Salomon. Concerning the Righteous. A psalm of Solomon; concerning the righteous. Why do

Psalms of Solomon

Psalms of Solomon, Psalm 2 – Analysis

Psalm 2 – A Psalm, Pertaining to Salomon, Concerning Ierousalem Psalm 2 is the verdict of the judicial reviewing of

Psalms of Solomon

Psalms of Solomon, Psalm 1 – Analysis

For some reason, I don’t believe that I can write something without posting it. So, I am doing so –