Scriptural Testimony to Preservation and the Need to have a Critical Text

Textual Criticism is a necessary enterprise for the Church. Since the very beginning, men (women are off the hook here


Brennan Manning On Idolatry Of The Scriptures

I am deeply distressed by what I only can call in our Christian culture the idolatry of the Scriptures. For


Can you explain away Christianity?

Two posts which are somewhat related – two questions for you to think about. Let’s set it up: Let’s say


Anglicans Commit to Re-Evaluating How They Interpret Scripture

The Anglican Consultative Council expressed support on Saturday for a project that will explore the ways Anglicans worldwide read and


Acts 8 – Scriptures over Miracles

Humanity, as a whole, seeks things larger then themselves. Those professing the name of Christ seek evidence of God supernaturally


John Chrysostom on believing the Scriptures

There comes a heathen and says, “I wish to become a Christian, but I know not whom to join: there

Church History

John Chrysostom on the beauty of the Scriptures

Yes, for a word from the divine Scriptures, made to sound in the ear, does more than fire soften the

Church History

Chrysostom on the treasures from the Scriptures

Wherefore I exhort and entreat you all, disregard what this man and that man thinks about these things, and inquire