Are you having second thoughts on Sola Scriptura?

Image via Wikipedia Note, that there is a difference between solo scriptura and sola scriptura… but since we don’t like


The Politics of Biblical Interpretation, Scott Hahn

With thanks to Jim West for point this out. Indeed, modern biblical interpretation is political. Often times, interpretations are not


The Scriptures are Like Christ: Truly Divine and Truly Human

Even if you aren’t a Lutheran, and I am not, you might enjoy this: The Holy Scripture is God’s Word,


Scripture Does Not Speak of Christ

TC has a post up of an essay written by someone else. This is a part of it, but read

Church History

How the Early Church Read the Bible

The early church was as thoroughly convinced of the Bible’s historical reliability as modern evangelicals are. Yet, thought Bob, those


Is Inerrancy an Essential Christian Doctrine?

Henry posted something the other day which is a continuing conversation which I have not only with others, but with

Bible Translation

The New Living Translation is a Valid Translation

Read the entire post here, but Joel summarizes it here: The flaw in the reasoning seems so clear to me


The Bible Justifies Slavery (0-1865)

Paula, with whom I don’t always agree, and might not agree fully here, has an excellent point that I believe