Review of @ivpacademic’s “Christian Political Witness”

With the plethora of Christians involved in politics at various levels, with the amount of conversations currently ongoing on social

Society and Religion

Boys Scouts evil but molestation okay?

Come now Al, surely you have something more to say than “he’s a good guy” especially when you have said


Joel Willitts 2, Warren Carter 1 (Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not @ivpacademic)

I’ve never been one to take anything wholesale, including the theories and/or hypotheses I agree with. So, when it comes


Beginning Jesus Is Lord, Caesar Is Not @ivpacademic

I confess — I’ve been labeled an Empire Critic. I am not, at least I do not think I am.


Why are People Afraid to Admit that the Bible is a Story?

Ever since reading Christian Smith’s The Bible Made Impossible: Why Biblicism in Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture, I’ve been