John Wesley

Dear UMC: Please No New Denominations

Personal Note This is the first time I’m writing a blog post for Unsettled Christianity—or any blog post, for that


St Cyprian on the heresy of ecclesiastical disobedience 

Disobedience is a doorway to more sins. We can call it rebellion or secession or nonconformity, but it brings in

Church Government

Donatism & Church Unity #DreamUMC #UMCSchism

While Joel is on vacation, I promised him I would contribute a few original posts this week on here. For

Fourth Century

4th Century Christianity: The Council of Nicaea

This was part of a presentation given on the development of the Doctrine of the Trinity earlier this year. I

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To My Brothers and Sisters in Portage TCOJC (B)

Check the updates at the bottom (and here as well) What follows is a private (sorta) message to my brothers