You might be a Lutheran if…

…you only serve Jell-O in the proper liturgical color for the season. …you didn’t know chow mein noodles were a

United Methodist Church

John Wesley was Gay – You won’t believe what happens next! #UMC #UMCschism

There comes a time to reconsider our heroes. We have the Historical Jesus movement, the need to see if Bonhoeffer

Religion and Politics

American Embassy in Afghanistan Celebrates Al-Qaeda

On an important day to Al-Qaeda, the American Embassy in Kabul brought in Al-Qaeda flags, said Al-Qaeda prayers, and honored

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Australia is the best nation in the world.

I am an Australian. I love my nation. And I think Australia is the best nation in the world.  I


Tertullian on Halloween and Fall Festivals

I know, I know…Tertullian didn’t write about Halloween, but what if he did? Growing up, the only local congregations who


How to Explain the Religions of Abraham to the Hollywood Generation

If you don’t like humor, don’t click below – and if you are reading it on the RSS feature, don’t

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Am I that Depraved that I am a Calvinist?

This is the second day, the second quiz, that has slightly alluded to the fact that I may have Calvinistic

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The Development of Theology

From here (who got it from here.)