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Satan: Accuser or Executioner?

I had the privilege today of interviewing Dr. Ryan Stokes of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He told me about his


In the Mail? Unseen Realities: Heaven, Hell, angels and demons by R.C. Sproul

I didn’t ask for it, but somehow, I got on the mailing list of Christian Focus publishers. I appreciate the


Modern Day, real life, Exorcists?

“The world must know that Satan exists,” he told CNA recently. “The devil and demons are many and they have


Origen on Overthrowing the Tyrant

I am trying Brian LePort’s viewpoint and delving a bit more into Origen (also, I liked this book):


Friday's Question of the Day: Is the Devil Real?

Is the Devil real? Is he a medieval  creation? Is the adversary more of an it, a creation of humanity,


From the Bible that is rarely read: Sirach 15.11-20

Do not say, “Because of the Lord I left the right way”; for he will not do what he hates.