The Mystics

The Seven Sacraments as the Gospel acted out

The Seven Sacraments held by the various Catholic communions are often dismissed by Protestants as superfluous to Scripture. Perhaps they


St. Bonaventure on the depth (of meaning) of Scripture

The entire chapter is worth reading, but St Bonaventure (a mythic and a theologian (really, can you be one or


St. Bonaventure on what comes with being in “the image of God”

Now, the loftiness of power requires that there be produced creatures that are not only traces, but also images; creatures not

The Mystics

St. Bonaventure on the Unity and Plurality of the Trinity

Concerning the plurality of Persons within the unity of nature, true faith bids us believe that, in the one nature,

The Mystics

Bonaventure – “If you could perceive the splendor… of Mary”

If you could perceive the splendor and magnitude of this flame sent down from heaven, the refreshing breeze that came