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Dammit Bultmann! Stop rationalizing the miracles! The Bread, Loaves, and Myth

Rudolf Bultmann, the father of demythologization, urged people to get behind the text. On that, I agree. I also agree


Was Bultmann sorta right? I mean, is there a certain element of mythology in the New Testament?

All this is the language of mythology, and the origin of the various themes can be easily traced in the


Kenneth E. Bailey on Bultmann and The Scandinavian School

If you have never read ]] you are missing a lot. Here’s an article, so read. And then, buy some

Society and Religion

The Pentecostal Bultmann saves Christianity?

Image via Wikipedia I don’t know why, but I love that title… And suddenly Bultmann is becoming very relevant indeed.


Rudolf Bultmann on Myths

“It may be said that myths give to the transcendent reality an immanent, this-worldly objectivity. Myths speak about gods and


Bultmann On the Historical Jesus

Came across this quote while read The Historiographical Jesus,


Torrance on Bultmann (1)

Rudolf Bultmann is very much the founder historical criticism of the bible, adding much to the works of those who