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The Pope and the Bible

Last week, I ran across a series of articles that caught my eye. The Roman Pontiff has recently restated Catholic


Jesus Christ Outside the New Testament

Continuing from here, I found a site with the following information: Tombs, Ordinances and Graffiti Tomb Inscriptions – late 30’s

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Does Rome still live?

Thanks to this blog.

Church History

De Unitate Ecclesiae, pt 1

Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage during some of the most severe persecutions, left the world with a great deal of writings,

Church Government

Call no man Father; Call no man Teacher

Some background, first. Start here. Then go here. This is not intended to be a rebuttal or a response, just

Church History

Pliny the Younger, persecution, and the Church

Too often today ‘Christians’ assume that offensive words are the harshest of criticisms, but throughout the life of the primitive