Fourth Century

4th Century Christianity: Damasus and Theodosius, 381

As we close the 4th Century, at least in this aspect (we must remember that Augustine did his fair share

Fourth Century

4th Century Christianity: Arian Councils and a Pagan Emperor

The best part of the 4th Century of Christianity was the intervening years between 325 and 381. Here, Roman almost


The Two Babylons

I have never read the book, The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop, nor do I intend too; however, since I

New Testament

Thoughts on Onesiphorus

Remember this post? Well, it gave way to this post. On the first post, Wb made a comment which has

New Testament

More Thoughts on Praying for the Dead

Remember this conversation? Well TC opined as well here. On his site is the majority of the discussion, by the

New Testament

Did the Apostle Paul pray for the Dead?

This is meant as interaction and discussion: Andrew has given us several great links, but frankly, while I am more

Society and Religion

Church of England General Synod to debate communion with ACNA

As the TEC in Canada and the Unites States continues a steadily descent into liberalism, while maintianing that it is


Pope Benedict on the Question of Judaism

I am not Catholic, my friends – that should be obvious; however, considering that one half of those that claim