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A schism to save Christianity from a “Protestant Pope?” #meme

I’d like to note that, for now, this seems to be a uniquely American call: Other conservatives agree, pointing to

Society and Religion

a few links for Protestants who have no idea about #synod14 but feel compelled to open mouth and remove all doubt

First, start here. Yes, there’s chaos, but this too shall pass. Ignore the alarmists. Anyone who disrupts a Christ-centered peace


Learn How To Be an Exorcist in Tulsa OK

I guess that, in the Charismatic capital of the World, this seems to be a very appropriate place for the


Do you even Council of Trent, bro?

From time to time, Protestants will stick their foot in their mouth about Catholic theology. From “worshipping Mary” to “works

Society and Religion

2016 will see the first ecumenical council in 1200 years

At least on the Orthodox side. Patriarchs of the world’s 250 million Orthodox Christians ended a rare summit in Istanbul

Society and Religion

Ulf Ekman sees the light, swims the Tiber.

We have seen a great love for Jesus and a sound theology, founded on the Bible and classic dogma. We

Society and Religion

The Jim Has Lost His Mind and Amore about Pope Francis.

My adoring fan, Jim West, has written a (another) piece directed against the Holy Father, Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis.