Biblical Worldly thoughts on Love Wins

I do want to mention one important disclaimer. What I do over the next few days is not intended to


Not making too much sense there Rob

Under the title of there is no such publicity as “bad publicity,” I bought Rob Bell’s book Love Wins. On


Zwingli – The 16th Century Rob Bell?

I think Bell’s questions are fair, as they reflect the rather glib approach to these matters that too many evangelicals


Was Rob Bell really on the news?

I suppose in Christian circles people are asking important questions or providing important answers related to Rob Bell’s new book. 


Rob Bell: Loves Wins, the Sermon

Not sure if you’ve heard or not, but some guy named Rob Bell has a book coming out entitled ‘Love


Rob Bell is NOT a Universalist – Told you!

Someone who has read the book, Greg Boyd, has posted on the recent flare up regarding Rob Bell. Second, given


More of the Hell of Rob Bell

Mark Galli has a post up at Christianity Today about the recent controversy with Rob Bell and Hell. A great