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God Wins, but will Mark Galli?

My good friends at Tyndale House has decided to publish a book from a ‘big-tent Christian’, Mark Galli, which aims


Review: Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived

The hype devoted to this book was not worth it, and I suspect, had John Piper not tweeted his now-infamous


Is Sodom the Bellweather for Universal Restoration?

In reading ]]’s book, ]]. he mentions Sodom as a symbol of how God’s purpose in destruction is redemption. I


Rob Bell, Luther, and Context is King

In his book, ]], Rob Bell, quotes Luther’s letter is Hans von Rechenberg. Here is the text from Martin Luther’s


Hell, Peter Kirk, Bell, N.T. Wright

I’m in love with one of those things above… Peter Kirk has a post up about Hell and some other

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Does God define Love or does Love define God?

Rob Bell states in his book “]]” the following: “Although God is powerful and mighty, when it comes to the


In the Mail: Will Love Win Me Over Edition

I can almost hear the ‘dum…dum…dum’ HarperOne sent along a copy of Rob Bell’s latest version of heresy… or is


Driscoll may get it right — but he sure got it wrong on Luke 16.

I recently heard a sermon by Mark Driscoll about heaven and earth. I think he is being reactionary against the