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Mickey Maudlin on Love Wins

As a young evangelical, I was socialized to see the biggest threat to the church as theological liberalism. But now

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Roger E. Olson on God Wins

Dr. Olson is a friend of Mark Galli, not that that actually seems to matter as he generally is pretty


God Wins Chapter 2 – Still no questions, because God is Transcendent

In truth, I almost entitled this post ‘Mark Galli is not a Theologian, Good, Bad, or Otherwise’ but I am


Willimon’s Understanding of Barth’s Rationalizing of his universalism

Among the first things which I learned as a ‘biblioblogger’ (or rather from a biblioblogger?) is to understand the speaker,


God Wins: Chapter 1 – No Questions.

Before you read this reflection on Chapter 1, you can actually read the chapter here. As I noted in a


God Wins: The Dedication and Introduction Examined and Refuted

Over the next week or so, I will be posting various posts on this particular book which has been recently

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An Introduction to Mark Galli

In 2009, Mockingbird had an exclusive interview with ]]. I am fearful of posting too much on Galli as a


Mark Galli on the Emergent Church

From here: Well, certainly emergent folks like to think of themselves as breaking away from Evangelicalism, but there’s so much