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Pastor Rick Warren and the ‘the poor do not pay taxes’ bit

Seems Rick, who was almost forced into saying something negative about the Ugandian ‘Kill the Gays Bill’ last year was

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Why This Baptist Thinks that Rick Warren Could Learn From Catholic Elizabeth Johnson

The other day, Joel posted on Rick Warren basically submitting himself to an Inquisition by that Torquemada himself Piper. I

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Rick Warren and John Piper

My hermeneutics is when I see verses in Scripture that are “apparent” contradictions – I don’t believe they are contradictions


Alister McGrath: ‘Heresy’

I recently picked up a copy of Alister McGrath’s Heresy: A History of Defending the Truth. Alister McGrath is, hands


If I was dying and walked into your Church

That is why I will stick to the Word of God – it was good enough Christ, it was good