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On The use of Bayes Theorem in Historical Jesus Studies

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Poor little Dick…

So, I found Dick saying this about my thesis, without reading the book of course: I always find it amusing

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So… That’s how Carrier did it…

In those disciplines where most researchers do not master mathematics, the use of mathematics may be held in too much

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Mark Goodacre V. Richard Carrier

Dr. Mark Goodacre shares with us a recent program he was featured on. Give it a listen. Unbelievable? Did Jesus


I dunno – I don’t think mythicists know what they are talking about.

First, this post sparked a delightful commentary/discussion/popcorn feast for Jim West on my Facebook wall – a discussion I was


Wait… Carrier is not mathematician? Who knew…

But ultimately I think the book is disingenuous. It doesn’t read as a mathematical treatment of the subject, and I


Richard Carrier proves mythicists are indeed Young Earth Creationists

Poor little Dick. He actually thinks that he knows what he is talking about. I was going to leave this


Wisdom of Solomon is Against Carrier’s Eschatological Isaiah 53

Before I was invested so heavily with Mark, I was a huge fan of the Wisdom of Solomon. Reading through