Books I’m using to study Revelation

Our first three weeks in New Testament 1 has been spent studying the Book of Revelation. (dum dum dum…)  Thought


Richard Bauckham discusses Jurgen Moltmann

Thought this interview may be interesting to a few of you. I have a few books by ]] but haven’t


“Universalism: a historical survey” – Richard Bauckham

The history of the doctrine of universal salvation (or apokastastasis) is a remarkable one. Until the nineteenth century almost all


Review: Jewish World Around the New Testament: Collected Essays I

Note, you can pre-order a copy here. ‘The NT Student and scholar must use the Jewish literature int he first


Bauckham and Christology

I am currently reading a book of Bauckham’s essays, which I hope to review sometime this week, and have found