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“I don’t repent to be forgiven, I repent because I have been forgiven”. Ray Bevan. The King’s Church, Newport, Wales.


Pope Paul VI – The Salt of Repentance

Following the Master, every Christian must renounce himself, take up his own cross and participate in the sufferings of Christ

Psalms of Solomon

Psalms of Solomon, Psalm 8-10 – Analysis

Psalm 8- Pertaining to Salomon. Regarding Victory This Psalm is parallel with the second Psalm, in which we do not


Is Restoration Limited?

Dear brothers and sisters, if another believer is overcome by some sin, you who are godly should gently and humbly

Bible Translation

Examining God’s Word – Repentance

T.C., a fine biblioblogger, defines repentance and righteousness within the New Perspectives on Paul framework, at least according to Bishop


Does God Still Love the Wayward Christian?

This post in response to a comment on another post. It is directed towards me as anyone, but I hope


A Call to Anguish

What a powerful message – and one true across the theological bounds. The Church that I know is one content

Church History

Tertullian, On Modesty XII – Verdict of the Apostles

Reading Tertullian’s On Modesty as been beneficial to me – as a mental and a spiritual exercise. I have come