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A Muslim protecting Christian doctrine; Unknowingly!

Read here I said it once and I will say it again! Those who devise non bibilically prescribed customs and

Bible Translation


BT2013 just finished up in Dallas, TX. Bible translators and consultants, ethnologists and musicologists, and biblical studies scholars all met

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A Reintroduction

  Let me begin by introducing myself as some of you may not know me. My name is Craig and


Pox on the flavour of Christianity.

Note: This is a departure from my normal genre of writing, and is in the format of a rant or


Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons: Chapters 5-7

Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons by¬†Russell Pregeant Here’s the conclusion of my look at Reading the Bible


In the Mail – Catholicism by Fr. Robert Barron

Now here is another book from Image Catholic Books that I am super excited about along with all of the


Was Rob Bell really on the news?

I suppose in Christian circles people are asking important questions or providing important answers related to Rob Bell’s new book.¬†

Church Government

What I have learnt from Roman Catholics – so shoot me!

Joel has been having an interesting conversation here and here about Rome Sweet Rome. Also it bears mentioning that Jeremy