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American Family Association Declares Todd Akin right – Next up, Deuteronomy 22.28 National Marriage Act

So, over the weekend Missouri (GOP) Representative Todd Akin declared that “legitimate rape” (whatever the hel heck┬áthat means) does not

Gender Issues

Let’s just call it what it is – rape

Rape, for the most part, is defined as the forced act of sex. There is also the idea of consent

Gender Issues

Dana Loesch leaves me speechless

Nothing I wanted to type was coming out well. I mean, there are some seriously mean and ugly thoughts going


Anti-Rape Laws will prevent God from blessing America – Ron Hamman

From Wasilla, the bastion of American Theological Thought (ironically, it’s pretty close to Scott Bailey so I imagine that he


Timeless Applications? Deuteronomy 22.28-29

This is a convergence of a thought inaugurated by two posts (here and here) in which a commentator said that

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Secular Duties of Clergy

Over the past few years, we have seen the Roman Catholic Church suffer great condemnation because her priests have not