Society and Religion

I get it… @pastormark lives in a world where Scripture is soft porn, but do we have to respond to him?

First, Mark Driscoll complains about teaching about Esther… a woman whom he calls a whore, but delights in the fact

Gender Issues

Nick calling someone a bully is really ironic

So to Doug Wilson I say: Bully for you! Way to stand your ground. You’ve been in the right all

Gender Issues

Let’s just call it what it is – rape

Rape, for the most part, is defined as the forced act of sex. There is also the idea of consent


Images of Masculine Christianity vs ‘Feminine?’ Christianity? @johnpiper @rachelheldevans

I could post quotes from Pat Robertson all day, but this is the last one… All of that and more

Society and Religion

Peter Kirk responds to Anthony Bradley

First, the post here which is taking on the article by Anthony Bradley calling out Rachel Held Evans for her

Society and Religion

Mark Driscoll’s sermon on the Song of Solomon

I am not a prude and I generally know how to read the Song of Solomon, but Mark takes it

Society and Religion

Dr. Robert R. Cargill, ’nuff said @pastormark #manlymen

Yesterday, led by Rachel Held Evans, Twitter, Facebook, and the Blogosphere erupted over the continued statements by Mark Driscoll. manI

Society and Religion

Confession: @PastorMark, I collected beanie babies.

I also cry when my friends die like Jesus did, and at the movie Beaches which if Christ would see