Is Diehl correct? (Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not @ivpacademic)

In her essay “Anti-Imperial Rhetoric in the New Testament,” Judith A. Diehl, a New Testament professor at Denver Seminary, suggests


Jesus and Elocution

Rhetoric class, more with Quintilian. John 14-16 in view. ___ I note that chapter 14, the reader should be able


Quintilian v Stephen

This is an assignment, etc…. Again, this is just the first stage, with lots of dialogue to follow. ___ The


Some items on Quintilian

To Quintilian, rhetoric is “the good man speaking well.” (He seems to use the terms “rhetoric” and “oratory” interchangeably, placing

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Quintilian on the Duty of the Student of Rhetoric

Nor is it sufficient to have read the poets only; every kind of writer must be carefully studied, not merely


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During the Silver Age of Latin literature, which was occurring around the time that the Gospels were being written, the


Paul’s Use of Prosopopoeia in his Epistle to the Romans

Previously, I posted Quintilian’s boundaries for the use of prosopopoeia, a literary device that allows a speaker to create a


Prosopopoeia in Dialogue

I’m building up to something, so have patience, as it might come a bit later. This comes from an ancient