Question of the Day: (Christians) Criticizing Politicians

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From what I understand, if the politician is a Democrat, it is okay to call him or her every name in the book (Revised, 3rd edition) and allude to the fact that they either be a terrorist or a Muslim.

You know the verses, and if not, read James.

I would ask again, Does the Lord give us exemption from practicing the Scriptures when it comes to our political leaders, those who hold office, and others with whom we disagree? We are allowed to lay aside the Golden Rule? Do James’ and Paul’s and Jesus’ words regarding our speech and our enemies no longer apply when discussing those whom we disagree with politically? As James says, “This should not be so!”

So does it? There is nothing wrong in speaking the truth, but does it need to be done with vileness? Look at our discourses today – political, religious, etc… – is there anything civil anymore?

Question of the Day: God-talk

I am not comfortable using ‘God-talk’. You know, the fluffy, ‘spiritual’ talk. ‘God is leading me…’ ‘The Spirit showed me….’ ‘I felt God’s presence….’ ‘God was in that moment….’ etc…. You know exactly what I mean. People who walk around talking like the good parts of the Psalms. God this, the Spirit that. Christ all that…

But, I am not comfortable with that. It is, no doubt my upbringing where Christian expression was limited to jumping, shouting, hollering, hand raising, speaking in tongues, being slain in the Spirit, etc… on a Saturday or a Sunday evening service when the music was loud enough and the emotionalism of the moment reached its climax.We were never comfortable talking about the role of God in our lives.

Here’s the question – are you?

Question of the Day: Is your God too small?

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In 1952, J.B. Phillips wrote a brief book whose content is helpful, but whose title alone led me to buy it: Your God is Too Small….. I fear that today the Christian church …. is often guilty of worshiping a small God whose mystery we think we’ve nailed down in our black-and-white theology such that we can proclaim that only our church or denomination fully understands the mind and will of God.

That was the quote which stuck out to me at yesterday’s discussion group. I think that the author is correct – we seem to limit God to our interpretations, and once we see that they are wrong, we sometimes are led into blaming God, or accusing God of being wrong.

Is your God one which fits neatly into your theological interpretations? Do you know everything about Him? Are you the only one right, doctrinally speaking?

Question of the Day – Should the President get involved in the Qur’an Burning Issue?

Watching Morning Joe, Pat Buchanan (who I agree with on more than a few things, which may surprise you) was speaking about the President getting involved and waiting, two years down the road for the Courts to either affirm or negate his actions. Should the President get involved in this? Should he send Federal Marshals to stop Terry Jones from burning the Qur’an which will put American service men and women in jeopardy, and more than a few civilians including Christian Missionaries?

Question of the Day: Creationism

Hawking said that the Laws of Physics didn’t need a creator to create the universe. For others, God creates the matter and just gives it a whirl to see how it turns out. For still others, God guides evolution of varying degrees until the present day, which in my opinion, leaves open the idea that evolution is still ongoing. And and course, others skip evolution, but don’t buy the literal 6-day idea held by Creationists.

So, I guess, at what point does does it really begin to matter to the faithful? For me….

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