Friday’s Question of the Day: Is Feminism Incompatible with the Bible

Or perhaps a literal interpretation, plain sense reading?

Or did Paul believe in roles assigned among gender?

And, how do you define ‘Feminism?’

Just keep it civil –

Feminism is a many splendored thing, actually – from believing that women must be treated equally in society to extreme forms. So, how does this play into the life of the Church? Are women equal? Or, are men and women given different roles to perform in the Church just as in marriage?

Friday’s Question of the Day: Most Important Biblical Doctrine

Since the previous question of the day went so well, I thought that I might do it again:

So, here’s the question – of all the biblical doctrines, which one, to you, is the most important – the central doctrine to ALL of Scripture?

And….why to the exclusion of the others?