John Wesley

can United Methodists believe in purgatory?

This actually comes from a conversation this morning via wherein I “jokingly” suggested it would be easier for Osteen and

John Wesley

Wesley on the “intermediate state” of paradise

Thanks to Logos, I am able to dig through John Wesley’s surviving works — more than sermons, but his journals and


Redemption of Life – The Price of Admission in Exodus, Job, and 2 Maccabees

I found this interesting. I am currently researching substitution (hint, I don’t think Jesus was classically substituted in Galatians) for

John Wesley

Did Wesley believe (or was drifting to a belief) in Purgatory?

I am no Wesleyan Scholar, so help me out here. First, this is an older post from Roger Olsen. Purgatory? 

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Bruce Milne on Purgatory

“Purgatory is also to be rejected because it is fundamentally at variance with the biblical doctrine of justification. To die

John Wesley

John Wesley on Purgatory (1)

From Sermon 112. 5. And in hell he lifted up his eyes.” — O, what a change! How is the


St. John of the Cross – Purgatory

For no apparent as of yet reason, I was reading a little of St. John of the Cross of purgatory


Was Purgatory the First Doctrine?

By now, most of you realize that doctrine has progressed. I mean, you have the Trinity, you have the office