Saturate – Psalm 2

I know – more with the Psalm singing: httpv://


Scott Brenner – Psalm 2

I am enjoying the different styles of Psalm Singing – haven’t found a bluegrass one yet, however.


Psalm Singing for Today? The Sons of Korah and Psalm 148

Since I started this blog and entered into the world that I inhabit, I have been interested in Psalm singing


Introducing Psalm Singing to Your Church Audio

While reading this weekend, I found thatJames Grant and written a piece on introducing Psalm Singing – My presentation on


Singing the Psalms in Christian Worship: A History

John Hobbins, on the heels of my discovery that I enjoy the singing of Psalms, writes, An excellent short introduction,


Exploring Convictions – Music in the Church

I have recently come across some very disturbing news concerning Kirk Talley (here as well). It seems that for some