Society and Religion

Does Protestantism cause Atheism?

I don’t want to draw any conclusions, but…


Al Mohler describes perfectly modern Protestantism


How dare Mark Shea be right about Protestantism

My friend said he realized “I can be a Protestant or a Christian, but I could not be both anymore.” 

Religion and Politics

Rick Santorum, Obama’s Theology, Sharia law, and Mainline Christianity

The issue, of course, is not that Santorum believes this, but that so many actually do. Rick is what we

New Testament

Fear of Catholicism and the New Testament Use of the Old Testament

This morning I was reading in Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament.  I read Kaiser’s


Conversion to Catholicism because of the Eucharist

I suspect that some will have a lot to say about this later, but I found this story interesting (ht)


Now that I am a Methodist, I’m going to out live you Pentecostals

I disagree with the conclusions of the ‘why’, as I note that Catholics aren’t exactly a marginalized minority. If was

Church History

You cannot be A Protestant if you don’t Love the Church Fathers

Ben writes, To me, everyone from the Christian tradition was merely another interpreter of Scripture. Why would I waste my