Church History

Eschatological Views Among the Church Fathers

Below is a small portion of views from among the Church Fathers concerning eschatology, the End Times.


The Two Babylons

I have never read the book, The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop, nor do I intend too; however, since I


The Rapture will take place in 2012

I would seriously be scared, you know, if I didn’t know what the bible says, didn’t have common sense, and


Intersection: 1st Enoch 82.4-7 and Daniel 7.25

The Book(s) of Enoch are a series of mini-sections touching on differing themes and providing fodder for biblical studies, especially


What if there were locusts too?

Yesterday (Wednesday) a massive dust storm passed through Sydney, turning everything a strange orange-red. The dust had been whipped-up from


Prophecy: The First Resurrection – Spiritual or Physical?

I’ve been asked to start a discussion of the First Ressurection as appearing in the book of Revelation. Is it


Revelation as Gospel?

Going through my RSS feeder today, I caught this blog post – I have been reading through James Resseguie’s new


The Logos as the Sword of the Lord – From Isaiah through Wisdom to Revelation

The Writer of Revelation, whom I believe was the Apostle John, had little imagination – a good part of his