Ezekiel and the Oracles against Tyre – Use of Prophecy in the Old Testament

Fellow blogger and political ally, Steve, left a comment pointing me to this article. Thought I might share. It concerns


Revelation as Prophecy: What is Prophecy?

For some background on my argument here, see this post. The Book of Revelation is often called, rightly, a prophecy,

Church History

Early Church Fathers – Not all that Premillenial, it seems

Still discussing T.C.’s blog post this morning, I find an interesting chart on early Christian writers. Mathetes — 90 A.D. Not


Ἄψινθος, Wormwood and Bitterness – The 3rd Trumpet

Continuing a thought from Stuart’s blog, I wanted to look at the passage in question, but more specifically, Ἄψινθος/וְלַעֲנָֽה. Then


Tobit 2.3-7 – Fulfilling Prophecy, On Purpose

Tobit 2:3-7, RSV: But he came back and said, “Father, one of our people has been strangled and thrown into


Gordon Fee on The Book of Revelation

Dr. Gordon Fee directs us in a completely different and unpopular direction. He largely believes that all of Revelation except


Revelation: Kings of the Earth, The Nations, and the City of God

Recently, I have been involved in a great discussion on the subject of hell. Is it a possibility that at


The Crucifixion of Sinners at the End of the World

I realize that this is a leap, and I really don’t have the time to either defend or attack the