Interview with @GaryNealHansen, author of Kneeling with Giants @ivpress

Dr. Hansen, thank you for agreeing to do this blog-aview.  Thank you for the invitation, Joel–I’m honored.  And you can


Video Book Recommendation – @garynealhansen, Kneeling with Giants – @ivpress


Be blunt and ask the question.

Last night I was talking to a man after men’s group. He was sharing with me his story of the


Cyberspace pastoral care.

I have been thinking today about the global phenomena of cyberspace within the framework of Christian community. Yesterday was a

John Cassian

John Cassian on Prayer

Prayer changes at every moment in proportion to the degree of purity in the soul and in accordance with the


What do you pray and how do you pray?

Every Christian I know believes that prayer is important. In one way or another, we all pray. I believe that


The Litany of Humility

I find it difficult today to engage with anyone who ‘has all the facts’ or has the uncanny ability to

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Talking to Mary

I was chatting to a friend at church, and she told me she prayed to Mary. I was initially taken